It‘s about where your mind‘s at. It‘s about where you left your soul
Saltwater Manifesto

This is a site about my love for the ocean. It’s about the roughness of the sea, energetic moves in the waves captured in pictures. This site is about people who share a passion. It’s about being on the road. Taking the ease of the seaside to any place – It’s about impressions of cities, of colours. It’s about urban life. It’s about what makes a city one of a kind. It’s about bright sunshine. It’s about places that make you rest and watch.


About Carsten Jamrow
Carsten is an internationally awarded creative director and photographer, located in Hamburg/Germany and have worked for clients like Audi, adidas and BMW. His Photos have been published in various magazines and the most recent pictures will be exhibited in Hamburg / Germany this summer.
Carsten Jamrow shows his own unique way of seeing things through a lense. He combines different passions in his manner of action and urban photography. Carsten is never on the search for the perfect shot. It’s more like working in a purely intuitive controlled momentum. It’s the natural process that inspires him.


You can contact Carsten here: eMail | Xing | LinkedIn | Facebook
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